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Our Mission

Beeba was created by Kevin Mbugua and Sam Wairiri out of their own frustrations with being a traveler in a foreign city with limited time to explore and see the local sights, and not having a readily available service that catered to their desire to take a short, customized private tour that visited the places they wanted to see.

They found some private tour services that were willing to accommodate their request, but they were unwieldy, expensive, and often required booking far in advance. And ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft were not a good option due to the high cost and inconvenience of booking multiple rides with multiple drivers.

Incidentally, they also learned from other travelers at a 2018 San Francisco convention that they weren’t the only ones who had this need. So, Kevin and Sam decided to set out themselves and create a service that provided that need for other travelers. What resulted from that is Beeba, the only on-demand service that lets you take a customized and private tour combined with the ease of booking on your smartphone.

Our apps are coming very soon.